Mirror ★★★★★

Every single time I listen to the crescendo of ''Herr, unser Herrscher'' in Johannes-Passion by Bach I will forever hear that little boy yelling into the sunset.

The Mirror is legitimately a rorschach test for the viewer. It's legacy amongst cinephiles is unmatched because Tarkovsky genuinely feels like the hand of God. It's been said numerous times but I honestly have yet to find someone that has mastered cinema the way he has. Pure.

A film like this demands to be rewatched many times over to fully embrace it's humbling qualities. Tarkovsky has said that he didn't want his films to be seen as puzzles or riddles looking to be solved. It's hard because my brain wants to do it so badly. I want to look at every scene, every small detail and think, 'what does this all mean?'

I know I'll be haunted by the visuals in this film until the day I die. He really achieved how to interpret this film like a dream sequence and/or memories. The camera angles floating just slightly overhead, creating a distortion in what we'd see in normal life. After understanding that the progression and editing in this film were completely nonlinear you must accept it's trajectory. The past is the present, the present becomes the future, and the future eventually becomes the past.

I'm saying all of this because after experiencing the tumultuous year that is 2020 Tarkovsky has become my saviour. I was a novice fan but once I read his books and studied his philosophies I am now fascinated by his existence. The treasures this man has left are worth seeking if your life feels like it's been in ruins. The Mirror is full of these treasures if you look with an open heart and open mind.

Watched the newly restored version via The Lincoln Center's streaming site and it looks absolutely stunning. Highly recommend it if it's your first time, or you've been planning to revisit it.

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