Fantastic Mr. Fox

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i really would love to write an elaborate review to express how much i loved it, but i’ll leave you with this: when mrs fox told ash “we’re all different. but there’s something kind of fantastic about that, isn’t there?” i actually started SOBBING, and i immediately thought “am i seriously crying about foxes?!” OH WES 🧡💛 (noah x wes the best duo EVER.)

i overheard my wife say sadly on the telephone: it’s been a terrible year. sometimes it’s better not to know, especially if she wasn’t going to tell you. they say things happen for a reason, but they don’t. they happen for a lark and from the well-spring of limitless, infinite chaos. sometimes this can be hysterically funny, and sometimes it’s a kick in the teeth. my apologies may ring hollow, but they ring frequently. 

the most humane movie ever made. a comfort blanket. 🧡

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