Chasing Amy

Chasing Amy ★★★★½

Chasing Amy, directed by Kevin Smith whose debut film Clerks is not only one of my favourite but is a true cult classic is a typical Kevin Smith film.
It tries both to be funny and touching, and excels, for me, in both areas. The typical Kevin Smith conversations with references about well-known pop culture like "Star Wars" and "Archie" are great. The casual chat about everyday life, love and porn rings true, and of course, Jay and Silent Bob are awesome. It's full of inside jokes that mostly comic book fanatics and fanboys will get.

Apart from that, Chasing Amy now touches the subject of our moral sexual standards and how messed up Americans are about it, even including thinking you can 'cure a lesbian, if only she finds a right man'.

Excellent film and highly recommended for anyone who digs Kevin Smith conversations and the world he lives in!