Ron's Gone Wrong

Ron's Gone Wrong ★★★½

Ron’s Gone Wrong is a well programmed movie that manages to be fun and enjoyable. The story does hit some familiar beats, but does deliver a lot of good heart, the animation is nice-looking, the voice acting is pretty darn good (particularly Zach Galifianakis), Ron and Barney have nice chemistry with each other, and the ending is powerful as it helps get it’s message of friendship without spoiling across very well. But it does have a few errors such as some of the side characters being straight up weak or not really getting a chance to shine, the jokes either tend to land or fall flat, and the pacing can be pretty off, especially in the second half where it drags on and on. Overall, much like Ron himself, it is flawed but still a heartfelt and fun movie that’s a pretty good start for Locksmith Animation.


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