The Tragedy of Today

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This review may contain spoilers.

I stumbled upon this taiyozoku (Sun Tribe) style picture while searching through the FilmStruck library and -after a difficult start- wound up enjoying it quite a bit. Not that the story opens poorly, I just hated these spoiled assholes, and how they treated women like their personal money trees.

But the picture quickly built up a head of steam, drew me in, and then threw me for a loop when it took at dark turn. The way these jerks clowned around as they planned their silly heist didn’t prepare me for that, so when it happened it was like a slap in the face.

The basic plot is this. You have these bored students who hatch a get rich quick scheme. When it backfires and they are owed money from a bookie, they set into motion another plan. One that ends tragically -- That they respond to this by laughing and dancing like it’s no biggie made me loathe them all the more.

I liked the class divide found in the film, and how certain elements went against expectations (the bookie in this film wasn’t rolling the dough, and is barely able to make ends meet.)

In short: I’ve watched a few highly rated movies during this free trial that frankly were underwhelming. So it was nice to make a happy discovery like this. Well worth checking out

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