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  • Un Chien Andalou

    Un Chien Andalou


    It's all about sex, or Freudian notions of sex, and interpretations of dream - where falling represents sexual anxiety, running on staircases indicates desire, being hit by a car symbolizes intercourse - or sexual violation. Stripes are not simply stripes, boxes are more than boxes, they signify the phallic or vaginal. Sexual inhibition and identity, emasculation, want, sexual aggression, sexual awakening is ever-present. And all of these seemingly random incidences follow this through-line, that all of our desires will ultimately…

  • The History of the Seattle Mariners

    The History of the Seattle Mariners


    More than any other sport, baseball loves its stats.

    Bearing that in mind, this 6-part, SBNation miniseries doesn't go the traditional 'talking heads' interviewed route found in other docs. No, appropriately enough, numbers drive the story. This is Mariners history as relayed through stats and graphs. And while that sounds like it would lend itself to a telling that's cold and remote, it actually generated a lot of warmth and intimacy. The data and charts were fascinating, the quirky oddball…

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  • Lost in Translation

    Lost in Translation


    Sofia Coppola's finest is about those beautiful connections that -while brief- are meaningful and linger. Brian Orndorf wrote –

    A relationship picture with elegant connective tissue; it's brittle and real, focused on the nuances of body language and unspoken desire, while indulging in a cheeky bit of knowing absurdity when the mood strikes.

    That's a most brilliant movie summary, what more can I add?

    Lost in Translation is one of my treasures - I like how honest it is, how…

  • The Stampede

    The Stampede


    Texas Guinan was quite the character both on and off the screen. She was an early female western star as tough as any of the boys - whether blowing smoke in a sheriff's face in Frank Borzage's The Gun Woman (1918) - her most notable role) or here, tussling with a male cowboy and showing off some sweet flipping and kicking fight technique - she proved she was no demure, delicate frontier flower.

    Francis Ford might not have reached the…

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  • Lilith



    Oh if only Warren Beatty had been a stronger actor, and was able to bring some nuance to the part of Vincent - the war vet who takes a job at a sanitarium and gets too involved with a female patient. If he was able to convey the idea of a man going from point A to point B during the course of the film – and gradually falling to ruin after betraying his core principals - this movie might…

  • One-Eyed Jacks

    One-Eyed Jacks


    One-Eyed Jacks isn’t a universally hailed western like say a Stagecoach or High Noon. But it has its devoted fans, and I number myself among them. The film has been in a sorry state for decades, so I was elated when I found out that Criterion was releasing a restored version of Brando’s lone directorial effort. And when I hit play I was blown away. They did a beautiful job. Though I’ve seen the picture at least a half dozen…