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    Easy Rider


    We blew it.

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    I watched half of this in a last-day-of-term science class in high school. Science teachers always chose the best films on these days; on other years we watched The Truman Show and Gattaca. I remember finding it mildly entertaining, and after asking someone how it ends who told me Ellie meets her dad in space I thought it sounded a bit lame and then moved on with my life. In adulthood, as someone who relatively recently watched Carl Sagan's Cosmos,…

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  • Ancient Apocalypse

    Ancient Apocalypse



    Dude trust me

  • Dune



    Seeing this in IMAX was probably the most stunning cinema experience I've had since watching The Lord of the Rings on the big screen when I was a 9 year old. And speaking of landmark fantasy / sci-fi releases, I kept thinking to myself that this must have been how people felt seeing Star Wars in 1977. This story is so tremendously epic, fantastical, alien, occult, and intensely futuristic yet uncannily medieval but also grounded by the drama of eternally prescient themes of religious messianism and military and ecological empire. Absolutely mindblowing