Aftersun ★★★

The dynamic between Sophie and Calum was too relatable, although I find myself relating to Calum. Especially that scene where he explains to Sophie how his eleventh birthday went and then him not knowing how to react and immediately vehemently crying after Sophie surprised him by getting everyone to sing happy birthday to him. Yeah...
I have a brother who's 16 years younger than me and I give him all the love, affection and care I never had growing up.. And I just saw me and him through Calum and Sophie, even their faults.
Seeing Calum reacting to most of all that happened solidified for me that I'm never gonna recover from childhood trauma 😭💯 Life is just cruel, why do some people have all the luck while others are miserable?
The ending is what made the entire film for me, especially the modern scene being at a rave........ The setting fit so perfectly.
Looking forward to see what Charlotte Wells makes next.

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