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  • The Neon Demon
  • La La Land
  • The Handmaiden
  • Moonlight
  • Nocturnal Animals

top 10 of 2016

10 films

theres just a handful of movies i havent seen yet but for right now this is what i got folks

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Super 8
  • Star Trek
  • Mission: Impossible III
  • Star Trek Into Darkness

J.J. Abrams: Ranked

5 films

well i mean he made one of my favorites of all time so it would only make sense to rank…

  • 10 Cloverfield Lane
  • The Godfather
  • Jurassic Park
  • The Big Lebowski
  • Inside Llewyn Davis

your favorite scene from your favorite movie

11 films

ive always been fascinated to know what a person favorite movie is so this list should be fun, lemme know…

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  • Blade Runner 2049
  • Alien: Covenant
  • The Neon Demon

movies that need a criterion release

1 film

a long list i know

  • Interstellar
  • The Tree of Life
  • The Martian
  • Miss Sloane
  • A Most Violent Year