• Benedetta



    the bechdel test took one look at this movie and exploded on impact

  • Ran



    you never forget your first kurosawa. Ran was the very first criterion i've ever owned. well, my stepdad owned it but this is one of his favorite movies, and was excited to show it to me back then. the splattering of colors on the cover with the imposing RAN text instantly made me curious as an adolescent. i remember being awed at the spectacle, the blood and colors and ever expansive landscapes. i had never seen anything like it, and…

  • Happening



    wanted this to be a bit more fleshed out visually but contains some of the most nerve-wracking sequences in recent memory.

  • Weekend



    watching this movie is the emotional equivalent of having lava poured directly into my mouth and eye sockets

  • Zombie Flesh Eaters

    Zombie Flesh Eaters


    "you wont be happy until i meet one of your zombies!"

    best zombie movie, and of course its by one of my most beloved directors. from the opening shot the mood is set, and the surrealness only climbs from there as we bounce from cities to tropical, sun-kissed islands, and it's genuinely thrilling to see the dead rise from their graves in this. like all the best italian horror, this is filled top to bottom with a pulsating rock score,…

  • Manhunter



    a movie so good i had to change my profile picture after 4 years because william petersen is a fucking fox in this. michael mann undefeated.

  • Alien



    still the scariest movie ever made and the crown jewel of sci-fi horror. the clunky, dial-up 70's sci-fi trappings against an unknowable, uncompromising force of terror, lurking in the shadows of this endlessly massive ship. it's in there somewhere, in a duct or corridor or even behind you. never before has production design so well complimented the overall look and feel of a film.

  • Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick


    the original is an indispensable piece of gay art with a few cool dogfighting scenes. this has none of the homoeroticism but trades it off for being one of the best and most emotionally fulfilling action movies ever. if it had both my face might have melted off in the theater. but this is the very epitome of a crowd pleaser that we are seeing increasingly less of, and hats off to everyone involved.

  • Heat



    "all of a sudden, someone like you comes along..."

    wasn't expecting this to be so thoroughly melancholic, everyone in here is caught in their own traps and the traps they set for themselves and their loved ones so that the only escape is quick and senseless violence. i also love how LA looks in this; like a giant ocean enveloping the characters, the buildings looking like shark fins waiting and waiting to swallow everyone whole, and what better way to…

  • Frankenstein



    "he said he was on the verge of a discovery so terrific that he doubted his own sanity."

    a towering achievement in mythmaking. a film entirely populated by skulls, fog, shadows, thunder, and rain. quite possibly *the* halloween movie.

  • Freaks



    revolutionary, influential and compassionate, especially as the true horror of the film is not from the titular freaks but is instead capitalist in nature, i.e. a plot to murder one of the performers for his inheritance. Freaks came out at a time when the great depression was ravaging the country, and the hays code was just around the corner (this was pre-code, which was a relatively short period of time in terms of hollywood studio filmmaking). and even pre-code, the…

  • One Week

    One Week


    an incredible feat of imagination, and both genuinely inventive and hilarious. with film being only barely 30 years old by this point, buster keaton was our first true action star, and all he needs is a few wooden planks. the shot of the hand blocking the camera during the bathtub scene just shows how ahead of his time he was.