Blade Runner ★★★★★

"If only you could see what I've seen with your eyes..."

words aren't needed. every raindrop, every fog cloud, every tear, every clunk of machinery and saccharine off world advertisement all speak to the suffocating loneliness of every soul that wanders this city. when the thing that makes you "real" the whole time is the search for someone, something at all to understand you, no matter if you were born or are a miracle of Ones and Zeroes. but that only scratches the surface of what Blade Runner is to me, let alone to the entire science fiction genre and the countless others that so deeply connect with it like i do, and i'm starting to think its layers and stories on top of stories told in frames and melancholic glances and the endless dimensions of isolation told in its cityscapes will forever escape my minds ability to form thoughts of its nuances in something as banal as words, when the filmmaking can speak for itself. i may not be able to describe how this makes me feel 100% of the time, but i sure as hell understand it, as it does me.

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