Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★★

"Fiery the angels fell."

I will never get over how this film makes me feel. Every time I start it, I'm worried the effect will be diminished or the impact of the images and sounds will be lessened. But now I'm starting to think it only gets better with time. Certain shots have pierced who I am and seared their way into my soul; Deckard standing on his balcony that overlooks his city block, the hustle and bustle of the populace that seems to stretch into forever, the Goliath city skyline dwarfing him into obscurity, daring him to overcome his environment thats hopelessness and isolation has already swallowed so many. Blade Runner captures what so many films try yet fail to do; to build a world that seems as vast as our own. Yet in BR, there's no barriers to how far we can travel.

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