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  • La Haine
  • Perfect Blue
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  • Es ist nur eine Phase, Hase

    Es ist nur eine Phase, Hase

    This movie gave me ✨ super depression ✨

  • Dune



    What? You a mere average consumer of commercial byproduct have seen such a master piece as Daddy Villeneuve's 2021 philosophical science fiction allegory on the human consciousness, Dune? I assume that this is only by mistake that a simple minded viewer like you would subject yourself to viewing the musings of a brilliant man instead of spoon feeding yourself mainstream mediocrity. I even question if you know what true cinema actually is? Or should I say Kino, though I doubt…

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  • Belladonna of Sadness

    Belladonna of Sadness

    Well uh the positives... it looks good.
    The Negatives... its gross, misogynistic and glorifies rape.

    Funny how this movie is titled as "female empowering" with these kind of messages and scenes. I am grossed out and dont understand, how this movie could get so much praise... but if you look and see which persons gave it a good and which ones gave it a bad review you might recognize a pattern...

  • To Kill a Child

    To Kill a Child

    Watched it in preparation for my upcoming driving lessons :3