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  • La Libertad
  • The Pig
  • Edvard Munch
  • Day of Despair

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  • Lassie Come Home


  • The James Dean Story


  • Giant


  • Rebel Without a Cause


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  • LBJ



    Nervous montage at a corrosive apex. The lyrics of Pablo Milanes' song are so crucial to the outro and overall affect of LBJ... so much so that I'm offended by the awful English translation still going around screenings and other formats to this day. Fortunately, I'm here to fix that:

    Watch it here: youtu.be/izzrYLjWjZk

  • Godard in America

    Godard in America


    "In the heat of the post-war period in France, a "new-wave" of young directors appeared who threw themselves impetuously into revolutionizing filmmaking without going beyond the limits of the petty bourgeois world. Among them, Godard stands out as the great destroyer of bourgeois cinema. Taking Brecht as his point of departure—and the New Left as his point of arrival—he tried to make revolution on the screen. His genius, inventiveness, imagination, and clumsy aggressiveness gave him a privileged place among the…

Popular reviews

  • A Summer's Tale

    A Summer's Tale


    In the choice between the intellectual, the physical, and the emotional, an 8-track recorder is deus ex machina.

  • The Aviator's Wife

    The Aviator's Wife


    One of the saddest films. And not just because of the tragic fate of Philippe Marlaud, but also for the film’s nuances on love and chance encounters that lead nowhere and yet reveal everything.

    She’s the one
    who steers me through dust
    and pools, the one who guides me
    across the city, who helps me
    when I can’t move my eyes

    She turns my head and says,
    "There is a post office;
    there is a public theater ..."

                - Robert Fernandez