Roma ★★★★

I knew this movie was coming up, I was waiting to watch it, i strongly wish I had seen this in the theaters, but you can’t win them all. Any way Roma is such a “weird” movie for me, I personally can relate so much, because of my Mexican backgrounds watching this movie felt like actually watching a persons life, in Mexico there are a lot of these maids, because work is extremely hard to find in Mexico especially the 70’s/80’s hell its still hard to get a good job in Mexico. Not only that but getting educated in Mexico coat a lot of money, it’s these small details they add to the movie that absolutely made me love it. My parents got divorced when I was a kid and my mom acted exactly like Sofia, expect she was a lot more crazier, ( a story for another time). 
And that’s another thing the way the story was told felt natural, it makes up for the slow passing at the being, watching Cleo go though all her hardships I made me tier up a little, before I knew it was so invested, by the time the movie was over, I was like, “wtf it’s over already” it’s so uprupt. The sim black and white made this movie feel more “old” if that makes any since, and the way the movie was shot felt like you where there watching everyone go on with there life’s. 
The only thing I don’t like is the passing, I caught myself saying if it was going to end or I kept looking at the time stamp, but by the last 30ihs min I stopped saying that bc I was invested by then 😂 soo yeah.

maybe I’m just biased because I personally connect with this movie and that’s why I’m giving it a high score not sure lol. Give it a watch but I won’t recommend it to those who can’t watch slow movies

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