Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★


Dear Billy... They really know how to make a great King Kong film don't they?

Nothing deep. Nothing profound. I went in wanting to see Kong WRECK SHIT UP and I got it.

Narrative is a bit weak, acting is slightly dodgey (apart from Sam Jackson surprisingly) but, the character development is no where near as bad as people are saying it is. But who cares? King Kong rips a skullcrawlers throat out.

Cinematography is eye bleeding amazing, colours and shot choices are just wow. Some of the nicest looking destruction and 100 foot ape I've seen on screen. Soundtrack is awesome and Henry Jackman (the most underrated composer in Hollywood) does a great score too.

See it big and see it loud. Make sure you see this in IMAX and stay past the credits for a lovely and loud roaring surprise.

Legendary sure know how to make monsters cool.

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