Logan ★★★★½

Logan is refreshing. Take note DC. You want to make a darker, more serious comic book film? This is how you do it. The one flaw I can point out is the middle act is very slow, and as a result, the pacing isn't great. I don't know which scenes could have been cut, but you do feel the length here.

The rest is all positives. The villains, while not super remarkable, are perfectly servicable, because going more in depth to them would have taken away from the relationship between the girl, Logan and Xavier. And that relationship, and Wolverine's general feelings about where he is in life. He is broken.

The action is excellent, and is completely unhinged Wolverine like we have always wanted to see. It is bloody and visceral. Yet the action scenes are spaced out and there is just as much focus on the characters, which prevents the R rating from feeling gratuitous.

A big shoutout I want to give is to all of the sound departments. Sound effects, sound editing, sound mixing are all top notch. Every time Logan's claws go into someone, you feel it, and it sounds like it's happening right in front of you. It really helps make it all come together. Especially in a film like this with less visual effects, that sound really is an incredibly important part of the film.

This is such a fitting send off for Hugh Jackman. It is a totally different type of comic book film, and feels like a great alternative to things such as Guardians 2 that are coming later in the year.