Cinderella ★★★★★

yeah okay this might be the greatest thing I have ever seen.

impossible is the best movie musical duet of all time and I will not take criticism! the ten minutes ago sequence made my heart soar out of my chest, not only because of brandy and paolo's physical and vocal chemistry, but the instrumental section in which the dancers were twirling in their purple and blue and green jewel tones was actually everything I have ever wanted. why is black and white our society's go-to fancy dress colors when we can have purple and blue and green jewel tones???

brandy and whitney are incredible together and apart, whoopi goldberg and victor garber are besties, bernadette peters is an icon, and where the hell is paolo now?? what did hollywood do to you??? this cast is absolutely infallible.

finally... how does brandy's perfect interpretation of roger's and hammerstein's cinderella exist... and yet... they cast laura motherfuckin osnes as cinderella on broadway in 2017??? I am INSULTED.

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