• Puzzle


    panders to a very specific demographic - nerdy women who want to hear irrfan sensually say "youre the best puzzler i've ever met" - and that demographic is me

  • Thalapathi



    can't say anything that hasn't already been said a dozen times before, but whatever... different than i expected, though it's based on folklore it's missing the sort of surreal magic or effortless lightness i expect from ratnam at this point, but i think it affected me more because of that... of course the team of ratnam - sivam - ilaiyaraaja is magic enough on its own, creating an atmosphere that seems to draw the best out of rajinikanth, the dramatic…

  • Viraata Parvam

    Viraata Parvam


    very much a romance first and a political movie second, not exactly a history of the naxalite movement but a way to tell some of the story of their cause through one small personal experience. definitely sympathetic to the cause, but at the end switches from portraying them as shining heroes to exposing the cracks in their group, but at its core i think this is a story of the danger of divorcing emotion from revolution - there is an…

  • Mad God

    Mad God

    revolting in a very cathartic way, don't believe this is pessimistic or nihilistic exactly, more an expression of the pain and sadness of merely existing - making art is an inherently optimistic act, and i don't think you can be this deeply affected by suffering unless you believe that people don't deserve it. for me this was about the contradiction of staying alive when you don't want to, when everything seems pointless - this is such a grotesque landscape full…

  • Trivisa



    there's a shot of a gangster holding his cigar with his chopsticks and it's the coolest thing i have seen in my entire life

  • Blue Streak

    Blue Streak

    i saw this twice in the theater and a bunch of times on cable in the years after, i really didn't think it would hold up but uhh apparently i just love this movie?? it's funny i'm sorry

  • The One

    The One


    normally this is the type of thing i love and i did get a kick out of all the wormhole tunneling multiverse bullshit as well as jet li's super fun double role, but this much nu-metal gives me traumatic high school flashbacks...think if this was some stupid dtv thing from 10 or 20 years earlier it'd easily be five stars

  • Cleaner



    exactly the type of thing i love best - quick mystery w/ a quirky premise, just like a book i would read, shot like an exceptionally beautiful CSI episode. samuel l jackson delivers a great denzel-esque performance of a struggling stoic dad with a touch of post-traumatic ocd, every single actor stands out with their own memorable characters and scenes, one part actually made me cry. what i liked best about this is that it doesn't end with the uncovering…

  • Vikram



    completely understand some of the criticisms of this but there is so much wild shit in here that i'm amazed they pulled off, i can't make myself critique it...even better the second time somehow, can't believe the way 3hrs completely fly by without any tone shifiting masala moments or songs (not that i don't love those things!!)...how is it possible to craft a thriller this tight that lasts so long?! idk i'm just really emotional about this, all my time…

  • Nandha



    floored by this - heartbreaking music, stunning photography that is always both beautiful and unsettling, bending traditional technique for pure emotional weight, like a shot where the camera pans across a dark space full of tables whose overhead lights are the only light source, looking for someone, passing by a table and then doing a double take and going back. it has a jolt of suspense and immediacy, this sort of action that should only be performed by a human,…

  • Vikram



    looks gorgeous, brilliant editing and score, a great twisty and very dark story perfectly balanced with delivering nonstop fangirl moments, it's 2am and my brain is exhausted and all i can really say for now is i feel extremely blessed to be a vjs & kamal fan

  • Kaithi



    not to get too crazy but this did make me think of spl 2, john woo, and johnnie to with how well it blends pathos with beautifully shot action, it's fun and thrilling but the lighting and slow mo and fog creates this haunting/ethereal feeling that gives both the emotional character moments and the violence so much more weight. four stars for the movie + 1 star because i am leaving to see vikram in one hour and i'm ridiculously excited which made watching this even better!!