Sleepwalkers ★★★★

this movie begins with mark hamill as a cop with a big mustache and slicked back hair. he goes into a house with a lot of dead cats hanging from ropes around it. but don't be discouraged, the cats will get the last laugh!!
it begins and ends with enya's boadicea...and how funny it is that this insane, gross, gleefully stupid movie recognized the primal and haunting power of enya! funny, too, that this is one of the most beautifully lit movies i can remember...every scene is either a bizarre combination of unnatural blues, yellows, purples, and shadows that create an atmosphere like a living paperback cover, or a wash of natural magic-hour sunlight ( ). everyone looks very soft and silky and attractive, until they morph into demon vampire monsters? and funny yet again that some of our finest horror heroes - stephen king himself, joe dante, clive barker, and tobe hooper - agreed to provide cameos for this...thingy. this is really a compressed version of every major Stephen King Thing - the small town panic and othering, the secret societies, the shocking sexual relationships, the sick humor. it's everything i love about his short stories, which always felt to me like a cathartic release of his wildest ideas, and are some of his scariest and most exciting work. but let me not understate how silly this is, how...misguided...some of the creature designs are, how much i can understand the one-star reviews. i guess it's bad, i've lost all concept of decent society's idea of bad, but i get it, i really do. this movie makes no sense. ok. i get it. i get it. but i just can't agree!! i must cherish this entertaining monstrosity!! i must mourn the death of the era of such lovable failures! i will marvel at the performances, so sensual and corny and genuinely creepy! ron perlman opens his mouth in a scream so wide you can see straight to the gates of hell! and CLOVIS THE ATTACK CAT! and who could close their heart to funny flirty brimming with personality and charm mädchen amick! WHO?? if it's you, stop reading and visit your doctor immediately


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