House of Wax

House of Wax ★★★

truly beautifully made, i'm actually shocked everyone seemed to hate it so much (is it just because of how stupid the teens are?), but a little too gruesome for me. the main emotional impact this had was the deftones song at the beginning, which brought me right back to being 16, and i spent a long time watching their videos on youtube before going to bed and remembering the time in my life when i was unhealthily obsessed with them. then i looked up chino moreno on twitter and saw he has two sons in his mid-20's and i felt so old, not just "wow my life has changed my youth is rapidly falling away from me" old but like "i am a spirit that has been reincarnated for thousands of years" old. and then it ended with my chemical romance! ahhhhggghhh. christ.
if you like this movie you should watch THE RUINS, it's so good

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