Cool Air ★★★★

this is both pyun's david decoteau movie and his david lynch movie, a lost screenwriter in blindingly sun-drenched california caught in an isolated house in the hills that looks perfectly suburban with its white home depot bedroom doors and beige paint and detritus of everyday life but hides ugly secrets - L.A. gothic, home video noir. loved that he updated this for modern times with a subtle hint of a statement about air conditioning - aren't we all haunted, zombies, bouncing around in our comfy little cells? - but keeps the old school mad scientist feel. definitely feels like watching a play of a short story, kind of a visual audiobook with a lot of voiceover and muffled dialogue and almost all the mood and creepiness added in post, he shoots a bunch of dutch angles without changing the lighting or much of the setting, only norbert and the doctor seem to be in costume, then edits in weird digital sfx and flashing lights and slow motion and rapid cuts. probably not much fun for the pyun beginner but absolutely one of his more watchable and charming late period efforts.