Chanakyan ★★★★

as with most (if not all??) kamal haasan movies, kamal haasan is the best part - a completely ridiculous plot centered around a series of silly and bizarre assassination attempts, performed with deadly seriousness, the slow burn plot of a drama and the music and aesthetics of a horror movie. so many amazing scenes that would be great regardless, but the whole thing hangs on kamal in his epic 80's weirdo fashions and barely contained single-minded bloodthirst. the amazing part is that he is able to make himself the hero - even the romantic young man he was in the past has a streak of alarming intensity, and even if his revenge is completely justifiable the extent to which he pursues it is definitely not normal - but it's still the small guy vs the politician, a ruined nerd whose heartbreak remains sympathetic because of how wholly it robbed him of the will to live. also how can you not love a man who tries to kill someone with a remote control car???

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