Where the Crawdads Sing

Where the Crawdads Sing ★★

I know you have a world of reason to hate this movie…

I never hated it!

It hated me!
It manipulated me!
It patronized me!
It insulted me!
It bored me!

You want me to beg for decent entertainment? I don’t have it in me. I won’t. I will not offer myself up again so they can make their box office bucks.

It’s like they don’t have any idea who they want to be… Are they a romance? Are they a court drama? Are they a character study? They try to be all these things, but they aren’t very good at any of them… and in the end it’s just a big ball of banality… I think they’re just entertaining themselves.

”Everybody was quick to get out the same way…”

Letterboxd listen.
I have to go Letterboxd.
I can’t deal with this no longer.
Letterboxd you be careful, you hear?
If you’re in trouble, because someone wants to take you to this movie… Just run… Run and hide deep in the marsh.

And get as far away as you can from ’Where the Crawdads Sing’

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