The Grey Zone

The Grey Zone ★★★★

Cinematic Time Capsule
2001 Marathon - Film #129

”We are all just trying to make it to the next day.”

How far would you go to stay alive?

Written and directed by Tim Blake Nelson. this film takes a powerful look at the Auschwitz prisoners who found themselves in a moral quandary when they were put to work in the crematoria assisting with the shepherding of fellow prisoners to the gas chambers and then disposing of their bodies.

The beginning of this bleak film starts out a bit jarring as situations are shown with no explanations, and as things move on it becomes quite apparent that predicaments will be shown as they happen, with no sugar-coating or pandering to the audience and very little sense of hope.

This one came out of nowhere and hit a lot harder than I was ready for. I was already struggling with my faith in humanity and I have no doubt that what I’ve seen here will haunt me endlessly. It’s just another example of the worst we can be, and leaves me hopelessly pondering things I’ll never comprehend.

”You asking for reasons?”
“I guess I was.”

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