The Flight of the Eagle

The Flight of the Eagle ★★★★½

Cinematic Time Capsule
1982 Marathon - Film #145

”We’ll take to the sky in our great balloon”

Max von Sydow along with his two buddies take off from northern tip of Norway aboard a hydrogen balloon in an 1897 attempt to become the first men to make it to the north pole.

Needless to say, it soon becomes a classic case of “seemed like a good idea at the time” as things go from bad to worse, and the three of them are left dealing with the consequences of poor decisions and a desperate struggle for survival.

Based on an incredible true story, this Oscar Nominated Swedish film provides a mediative exploration of not only the cruel Arctic, but also, the many layers of personal desolation, despair and regret.

And over the course of the film I felt myself being further and further drawn into their situation until I was finally swallowed up by that emotionally devasting and unbelievably haunting downward spiral of an ending…

”I must put up with my failure until I’ve conquered it”

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