Moonlight ★★★★★

Here are my thoughts on the Moonlight vs La La Land debate and then I'll never speak of it again.

Moonlight deserves Best Picture more. It deserves the recognition because the content is what people need right now. Best Picture should go to a movie that's beautifully crafted but also challenges and touches hearts and minds. Moonlight does this.

Obviously, I adore La La Land. I really, with a depth I almost can't comprehend, love La La Land. In many ways that I've mentioned before, it almost feels like it was crafted just for me. A film about dreams for a dreamer.

There are folks who call La La Land, in it's specific comparison to Moonlight, a fascist movie. It is not fascist. La La Land is a very white movie, yes. It is a movie about a white, heterosexual couple and their dreams to be successful artists, which are achieved; arguably because of their privilege. The film does not set out to break boundaries, nor does it set out to create them.  

Moonlight deserves recognition for being everything that people, our president, fear. It's feminist in it's realistic portrayal of poverty, homosexuality, being a black man trying with masculinity. Race, class, and sexuality all have a place in this movie to showcase something real. Moonlight shows us a reality that is very real, even if there are people who want to erase it's existence.

La La Land is not evil. It is not fascist, it is not "Trump-supporting." The fact that Moonlight is about an oppressed group, does not negate the beauty of La La Land as a film. It's a gorgeous showing of creation. The film is a triumph for it's camera-work alone. The superior film lies completely in the choice of the viewer. Awards shows take away the wonderful subjectivity of film.

But Moonlight is what America needs.

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