Pig ★★★★

"Now you're in pig trouble"- Nic Cage

Can we officially say Nic Cage is back? Willie's Wonderland wasn't too bad, Mandy was great and now this. The man is on form.
The comparisons to John Wick are partly fair due to the animal element as well as the secret underground organisation element but thematically nowhere near. It's much slower and more importantly this is a story about a man's connection with nature/a pig. Poignantly it takes us through the extent a man is willing to go for the one thing preventing him from letting go all without a desire for vengeance. It's a film without emotional release, without an exhale or resolution. The events occur in the film and we are left to meditate on them. I was worried that at some point the film would undergo some form of bathos but it never did. It is shot beautifully and is strikingly confident for a first time director. It also remained thoroughly entertaining and emotionally investing and may even bring a salty tear to one's eye.
Pig is one of the best surprises from this year and also gleefully shows Nic Cage ain't going anywhere anytime soon.

P.S: The most perfect pig in film history. Charlotte's Web ain't got shit.


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