Ax 'Em

Ax 'Em ★★★★★

Ax 'Em is a Cinematic Masterpiece for the following reasons:

-There’s a character named Breakfast.

-The audio is unintelligible.

-This film is directed by Michael “Mfumay” Mfume.

-In most scenes the music is so loud that you can’t even get an idea of what the characters are talking about

-Revolutionary use of long takes where the director makes the bold choice to not coordinate anyone or anything

-There’s a character named Breakfast.

-You can hear the director saying “cut” at certain points. 

-The opening scene is is five minutes of a Yo Mamma contest.

-This was shot in 1992, but it looks like a lost relic of the 70’s.

-DJ Double-Cut Master Slice Em' Up-Dice Em' Up OG So Nice-J Nice could destroy Eminem's career if he wanted to.

-There’s a goddamn character named Breakfast.

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