The Godfather: Part II

The Godfather: Part II ★★★★★

1974 Ranking

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I love after the opening callback to the previous film, the camera stays at such a distance from Michael for the next few appearances. Almost as it’s tentatively preparing us for the changed Don Michael. 

I just love how thematic each cut between young Vito and Michael is. There’s a reason this film flies by despite juggling so many things going on in two timelines. And boy is it wholesome whenever De Niro plays with baby Pacino. 

If only Fredo could just realise he could’ve been something, could’ve been the greatest Uncle Fredo ever. Heartbreaking. That lash out is still one of the best acted scenes ever. 

Apparently Gazzo was absolutely piss drunk while filming his Senate hearing scene. If so, all the more credit for him knocking it out of the ballpark in Pentangeli’s key scene and avoiding any potential ‘sequel-itis’ issues. 

All things considered, Kay is still fairly reasonable. Or rather she might’ve done things irrationally, but it can be easy to forget how awful the Corleones are in this one. 

I love how they not only got James Caan back but also found the perfect Mini Caan for the flashbacks. Ending scene is perfect, disagree with anyone who feels Brando had to make an appearance.

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