White Chicks

White Chicks ★★★★

I loved this. I thought it was ridiculously fun and hilarious. My friend in high school used to recommend it pretty often but I never thought it looked all that funny, though I now see the error of my ways because it’s great. Also, I’ve seen a few reviews calling this movie dumb and I wouldn’t really say I agree. You don’t have to think in order to enjoy it or anything like that and I doubt that anyone involved made it to prove their intelligence, but really in quite a few ways it’s pretty well-written in my opinion and it seems like everyone involved who had a great time making it knew how to make sure the audience had a great time watching it, and that’s really smart in my opinion! I think the whole cast brought their A-game and really I just thought this was a fantastic comedy. If I had to point any flaws out I’d say some of it hasn’t aged greatly and the opening scene wasn’t as great as the rest of the movie in my opinion, but neither of those details bothered me too much. Overall, I loved this and would definitely recommend it if you’re in the mood for a 2000s comedy.

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