Malignant ★★½

Uhhh, well, this was a trip. You'll probably go into this thinking it looks like a bog standard James Wan blockbuster. The trailer promises loads of crappy jump scares, a generic villain and the same grey-ass style he's employed in practically every film he's ever done. But it's actually something very different from Wan's previous big-budget horror flicks... I'm not sure it's particularly good and the ending is just... well... you kind of have to see how wild it gets to believe it. Plus, in spite of the fact I'm sure the shlocky B-movie horror, tacky dialogue and over-the-top gore were kind of a stylistic choice, they can't help but feel naff. But I'd be lying if I said the sheer cheesiness didn't keep me thoroughly entertained, even if I can't figure out whether that was intentional or not...

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