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  • Mayhem



    The best film about Steven Yeun and Samara Weaving killing rich pricks that’s ever been made!

  • Disconnect



    There were a couple parts of this that were promising and bordering on good, but the rest of it was so fucking melodramatic and didactic that it just ended up being... not good. It honestly reminded me of Cyberbully in some of the worst ways, especially the whole teenage suicide attempt storyline. It really wanted to be sad and have a message, but it just wasn’t because it tried so fucking hard and was so over the top. It tried…

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  • Behind Her Eyes

    Behind Her Eyes


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Get absolutely fucked. Everyone that hyped this up, everyone who said it was mind blowing or had an amazing twist, everyone who said it was clever or original: Get. Fucked. I’d be here all day if I typed out everything wrong with this, so let me just try and briefly summarise. Spoilers ahead (not that it matters, because nobody should watch this ever).

    The entire “twist” is based on some supernatural astral projection bullshit that allows people to switch bodies. I’d…

  • The Man Who Sleeps

    The Man Who Sleeps


    It's difficult to know where to begin to write a review for this film. It is quite easily the best portrayal of the ideas of nihilism, existentialism or absurdism I have ever seen on film; and what can I say about those ideas that hasn't been said already?

    It starts with our main character, whose name we rather fittingly do not know, going about his normal daily schedule. He wakes up to the sound of his alarm clock. He gets…