Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service ★★★★★

A lot has happened this past few weeks and I almost did some stupid things that I could have possibly regret.

Well, I decided to watch Kiki's Delivery Service to lighten my mood because that's what most Ghibli's films are. They're lovely and heart warming.
However, when I got at exactly 5:39 mins, I started to cry. I don't want to spoil you that much, but looking Kiki and her father so close makes my heart broken. I say this because I am personally not that close to my father these past few months. I've been in shackles and my depression relapsed. I seek comfort by being reclusive and yet I still crave getting that attention from my loved ones.

Well, what I really love about this film is how simple it is, but the message it has transgress beyond belief. Kiki's journey is not far from what I have experienced in the past and what troubles me right now.

✅ Re-learning to get up
✅ Facing our fears
✅ Having that self-confidence
✅ Getting used to life
✅ Becoming an adult

And there's a lot more!
This movie has the same vibe with Whisper of the Heart and that's why I adore it.

Mr. Miyazaki, you may never know me personally and it might be impossible for us to meet in the future, I just want to say that your stories are great and it has always affected me to go on and never give up. You are saving a lot of people like me. To the Ghibli Team, you're all blessings to the Animation industry and to this world.

Thank you for reading.


When the whole town was cheering, I felt that.

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