Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri ★★

The bullshit in McDonagh’s filmwork has been compared to Tarentino before. In the past, I didn’t so much see it. The abundant slurs, the clowns that bring forth cartoonishly brutal violence (which becomes increasingly stock with each passing year of Tarentino imitations), cutesy dialogue that brings to mind more elegantly profane writers. I can maybe see how, on a stage, some of McDonaugh’s ideas in Three Billboards... may feel a little more inspired. But the artiface of cinema shines too harsh a light on that scene with the fawn, Dixon’s violence against Welby, the comic relief ditz characters, the half-assed, insincere moralizing with dwarves, and black people. I’m not sure what most people’s comic mileage with “nigger,” “retard,” and “midget” are, but I found all that to be McDonaugh having a good time punching all the buttons on a slur soundboard rather than provoking the audience to any forseeable end. You may think we've come a long way since Crash won the Oscar, (admittedly a bad movie)but I'll be the asshole who tells you that's as smug as your average Oscar-baiting Boomer catnip.

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