Rawhead Rex

Rawhead Rex ★½

What the hell?

Now that I've seen two movies written by Clive Barker before he wrote and directed Hellraiser, I have only one thing to say: what the hell? After I watched the Hellraiser I & II documentary, everyone made Clive Barker sound like a literary genius. I have trouble finding any of that in the story of RawHead Rex or TRANSMUTATIONS, both of these directed by George Pavlou. I'm even more confused how the same director manged to do both of those films. I can see why Barker had enough and wanted to direct, and thank the cenobites he did.

My favorite part is when a man tells his wife that she's going bananas for things she's saying, but she also happens to be wearing all yellow. In fact, many women in this wear yellow. I wonder if that detail was in the screenplay.

Second favorite part is when the priest says, in an Irish accent, "get the fuck out of here" or when he calls someone a "fuckface."

Aside from the movie, the title is seriously the best, especially with how the poster puts it all into one word like GetEven. It's so stupid but gets your attention.

Other thoughts:
・didn't know Ireland had a monsoon season

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