M3GAN ★★½

Read Alicja's review that goes over why Megan is a queer icon (and more). I don't remember reading any other reviews that mentioned anything like that. That idea stayed with me as I watched. It also made me think about robot gender. They're programmed initially, but AI learns through the data given. What reasons would a robot want to change their given gender? They don't have any hormones or genitalia, unless we're talking about sex doll robots, but that's a topic for another movie. They also don't grow hair and don't do a bunch of human things like pee and poop. Would they become smart enough to not need gender? Maybe they'd rather have hundreds to be super specific and categorize everything. Who knows? I also thought about their voice. What would a genuine androgynous voice sound like? The neutral robot voices always sound masculine to me.

Some thoughts:
・the company building reminds me of Gremlins 2
・a high five and a great job for washing your hands!
・why I don't like dogs
・Megan had the best outfits out of all the characters; loved them
・very upset that the Japanese title is ミーガン (pronounced like Meegan)
・amazing dance skills
・scariest part of the movie? the way Megan's hands looked *shudders*

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