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  • The Amusement Park

    The Amusement Park


    We weren't ready for this back in 1973 and I'm still not sure we're ready for this now. Legitimately one of the most harrowing pieces of media that I have ever watched.

  • Sisters with Transistors

    Sisters with Transistors


    Women 🥺 (with synthesizers!!! 😳😳😳)

    Sisters with Transistors is, frankly, what every documentary on electronic music should be like; not only is it deeply informative, but it's also a beautiful series of pulsing audio-visual soundscapes weaved into a chaotic, gorgeous mesh of sound and colour. The haunting musical tones and hypnagogic sliced-up VHS visuals are complete and utter perfection in combination with each other. Also, Laurie Spiegel feeding pigeons! Lots of pigeons! And did I mention... women with synthesizers!!! Women…

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  • Marble Hornets

    Marble Hornets


    When looking at web-series and ARGs, Marble Hornets is a brilliant example of how to get everything right in creepy and atmospheric storytelling. The surrealism is well-achieved, and the praise for it is all deserved. Everybody should go and watch it now.

  • Scream 4

    Scream 4


    Finishing up the beloved Scream saga of meta-slasher flicks, I return to the franchise with Wes Craven's final film, Scream 4. And boy, this is truly how you end a slasher franchise.

    Scream 4 is the finale this series deserves. This time tackling the codes and conventions of slasher movie remakes and horror in the post-9/11 world, Scream 4 is arguably as witty a film as the first one, albeit the fact that the first will always be my favourite.…