Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity ★★★★

This was really pretty great. All the twist turns were a ton of fun and I saw absolutely none of them coming. The characters were really well designed, pretty relatable and pretty creative too. The performances weren’t quite performance perfection but were pretty good, I think at some points we didn’t get enough emotion where emotion was do and sometimes we were overloaded with it. The direction was really great, it had a lot of Billy Wilder style and kept a few of the reasons why I loved The Apartment so much. One of my biggest issues with this film was the score. It was good in some parts but I was very rare that it was present and when it was there it so quiet it became difficult to make anything out. I did really love this film though. It definitely deserves its praise and then some. It is really clear how big of an effect this film has had on the industry and I have enormous amounts of respect for this film for that matter. The ending was absolutely phenomenal and even makes my Top 20 endings. The poster of this film is amazing and definitely does it favors. The romance aspect of this film is really amazing, it moves the story along and makes the characters more relatable, more likeable and more dislikeable too. The comedy aspect of the movie was good when there but I definitely would’ve liked to see more of as I thought it could’ve benefited greatly from some more jokes earlier on in the film. That being said basically every time there was intended comedy I laughed a good amount. I loved the man in Keys’ stomach I thought that was funny and clever of Wilder but like I said I wanted more comedy none the less. The crime aspect was good and the mystery genre was great too.

All in all, a really amazing film by an even better filmmaker, I can’t wait to see more of Billy Wilder’s motion pictures and I can really see him becoming a top 10 director. That being said there are better filmmakers out there and I’m kinda disappointed (Sorry Hood) I didn’t watch Magnolia but I’ll probably watch it tomorrow. Hopefully I like it 😬😬. But I would definitely recommend this film as an amazing old movie and a true timeless classic at that. High 8/10.

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