The Father ★★★

was pleasantly surprised by the film’s approach, one is never on the outside looking in. which makes the film’s first person view all the more entertaining. 

i greatly admire Lamprinos work, editing this must have been a headache and yet through the purposeful maze you are not entirely lost. my only fault was with the directing, too bland. in experienced hands this would have been, for my taste, a nail-biting thriller passing as drama. 

tho, kudos for the great adaption from play to screen. i greatly appreciated the theatrical elements the film stuck with, they were key to the character development and context of the well, muddled story. i sometimes forgot we were in the same flat through the duration of the film. element where unfortunately Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom and One Night in Miami struggled with, causing them to fall in its own theatricality trap. 

Anthony Hopkins in a literal tour de force performance makes this a must-watch.

a second watch is a must to clear out the suspicions.

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