Zack Snyder's Justice League

Zack Snyder's Justice League ★★★★

It’s good. Big win for creative freedom and I’m glad that Zack Snyder got an opportunity to complete his vision and then some. Amazing visuals as usual. I thought it was interesting that many of the shots seemed to be perfectly framed for a 3D presentation. Fingers pointing, glass blowing inward as the camera flies through a broken window. Biblical battles played out across sprawling vistas. If done right, would have been a 3D fan’s wet dream. Watched this on an LG OLED screen and was blown away by several set pieces. My favorite of these is a sequence in which Zeus throws lightning around. These bolts look incredibly real (probably a practical effect blended with CGI) - and I hate to say it, but Thor could never. Often things looked even more high-def than the TV could produce. They really spared no expense.

My issue with this comes from the structure. It’s nearly 4 hours of actual movie, so there’s some unnecessary padding to get it up there. The ending of the film is a mess. There’s the obvious ending and then three more scenes that should have just been tacked on after the credits as they really don’t have any bearing on the narrative; only set up for future films that may not ever come to fruition - who knows, the craziest thing has already happened. Especially Bruce’s dream that calls back to a similar sequence in Batman v Superman. I guess they didn’t want to be accused of copying Marvel or whatever, but there’s already something in the film that when you see it you’ll think of Infinity War immediately.  

Seen a lot of praise for the score and I’m baffled by it because none of the music - outside of licensed songs and themes originally composed by Hans Zimmer - stands out. If a gun was pointed at my head and I had to pick out the Flash’s theme or even a theme for the Justice League, I would not survive. They don’t call him Junkie XL for nothing! But the soundtrack outside of the score was perfect. Highlight for me would be Rose Bett’s cover of “Song to the Siren.”

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