If you’ve ever asked me what my favorite movie is, this is the place you come for no answers

Favorite films

  • In the Mood for Love
  • Columbus
  • Casablanca
  • Christmas in August

Recent activity

  • Magnolia


  • Notorious


  • Betty Blue


  • Amadeus


Recent reviews

  • Magnolia



    Crazy. It was like watching 5 movies at once. Executed so perfectly.

    Anyways, my opinion doesn’t matter,
    CC Lemon

  • Notorious



    Absolute dogshit. Sexual tension was non existent and the progression of the romance was sloppily done. Even the espionage made no real sense and the stakes of why any of the actions mattered made no sense. On top of all that the editing and pacing of the film had no rhyme or reason.

    If you’ve read my reviews, I’m usually pretty forgiving of 30s-50s film noir/romance films. In fact, I’ll forgive pretty much anything that is within that genre. It…

Popular reviews

  • Belfast



    This movie was so bad that I left the theatre 15 minutes in, walked over to the auditorium across and watched Jackass Forever.

    Jackass gets 4 stars.

  • Dune



    I’ll be honest, I don’t know what the artistic merits of the storytelling was due to how long that movie was, nor can I tell you whether that was a good adaptation or not. These things would require a second or third watch for me to articulate. That being said, everything that was visual in the movie (ex. cinematography, costumes, effects, etc.) was INSANE. It’s clear that a lot of passion, love and effort was put into this movie. The…