My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro ★★★★

Whimsical childlike wonder; 3 words that immediately sprung to mind after watching this. A movie that can melt through any cynical heart.

This was my first time watching a Ghibli movie that seems targeted to younger children, but it doesn't rob the film of any emotional nuance or depth. You can feel the love of the people involved in every frame. The rural countryside is a character itself, evoking strange nostalgia from me; someone who has never been to Japan.

There is a strange wistfulness I feel myself feeling watching this movie. Maybe its a feeling of forgetting the magic of childhood. Or the regret of never enjoying the stillness of nature in my youth. Maybe still, it's a regret of never indulging in the simple life displayed in this film. Or perhaps it's because I never had a friend like Totoro when I was younger.

Oh well better late than never, at least I've found him now.

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