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  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • Conan the Barbarian

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  • Bubble


    I would love to hear the elevator pitch for this...

    That said, I enjoyed it. The animation style was particularly vivid, which really serves the movie well. I loved little Uta, and wish I could have a little puppy just like her :D

    Quality: 6 of 10
    Enjoyment: 6 of 10

  • Prey



    Thoroughly impressed. Predator is one of my favorite scifi properties (not so much for later movies, but as a concept in general) and this was a worthy addition, at least on par, if not a little better, than Predator 2. It pales in comparison to the original, but let's be honest, so do most things...

    For this iteration, the biggest missing elements are humor and quotability. I was very happy with the casting, though the acting itself could use some…

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  • Kate



    A not-unreasonable way to spend 2 hours.

    Quality: 5 of 10
    Enjoyment: 5 of 10

  • Like the Clouds, Like the Wind

    Like the Clouds, Like the Wind


    What starts out as a delightful Ghibli-like portrait of the era of emperors and their concubines (by contrast) takes a very serious and sad turn in the third act. It turns out to be a grim reminder of the horrors of war, the caprice of dangerous men, and the nature of power and regret. I really wanted it to have a happy ending, but like in life, we don't always get what we want.

    Still, there is much about the…