• Switch Center

    Switch Center


    kind of an amusing illustration of modern/postmodern meeting , though the curiosity factor of the pokemon doesnt seem to be more than that.

    has a nice musical editing rhythm upfront tho

  • Open Five

    Open Five


    Audley one of our great contemporary actors and a pretty good director too (though not so impressed bu this Strawberry Mansion direction). this a solid addition to all the Swanberg stuff from this era , kinda too bad it fizzled out , not too many picked up the nobudge torch confidently and certainly cant look to current crop of young filmmakers…

    roadtripping to southern black churches to hear choirs directed by retired motown stars - what a thought , but, of course !

  • Stalked by My Doctor

    Stalked by My Doctor


    thought this would be all in good fun , but in fact a pretty realistic upsetting movie about a stalking doctor. everyone seems to be taking this project seriously , Eric doing a lot …. dont really get how this project came about , part of its charm although its not a charming movie.

  • Skidoo



    a movie that stays on mind (i listen to the soundtrack a lot !) but also stays at 3 stars. many exceptional ideas…

  • Subject to Review

    Subject to Review


    quite good - understand the inclination to expand for All Light Everywhere, but this works much better, less manic and more cohesive !

  • Can't Get You Out of My Head

    Can't Get You Out of My Head


    people always gotta hand wring a little over this guy , thats fine im sure ! 

    Curtis is able to very nicely and thoughtfully respond to the usual criticisms aimed at him - quite gracefully id say - while organically building out his Hypernormalisation thesis. many beautiful moments, Curtis an expert storyteller.

  • Beau


    think i watched this when they announced the new ari movie  , was some implication they are connected. good thing i did that.

  • Golden Exits

    Golden Exits


    severely underrated last time I watched cuz my interest in Perry had crested at that point + u had to see it at m*trograph and it kept selling out. annoying and on the nose !

    years removed, obviously Perry's most assured and thoughtful, Browning a great surface to project on to for all these banally evil nyc art creeps. think I was just annoyed by Ad Rock last time, but its a really expert cringey loser performance, good for him…

  • Polyester



    was caught off guard by how much I liked the first time, this time I got to enjoy non-defensively (with Durst Nora!)

    Very wonkily structured movie (projecting it on 35mm reallyyy makes this clear, Tab Hunter doesn't show up till last reel and a half or so), and I'm not sure that Waters even knew exactly what he was getting at with this (lashes out at so many types and demos , but the script shift sides as convenient) -…

  • His Motorbike, Her Island

    His Motorbike, Her Island


    blows up this type of teen melodrama, turns it into something hyperbolized, mythic. like this sort of thing generally, but Obayashi asks for a lot of yr energy ... tires me out !

  • Fishs Eddy

    Fishs Eddy


    appealingly disorienting, conflicting camera and subject motion , plus mirrors ? lose track of where u are.

  • "Sorry/Hear Us"


    diggin back into the archives again … hard to remember the conceit of this one , fine enough sound editing gag iirc