Wobble Palace

Wobble Palace ★★★½

I had previously watched this in the midst of a late night adderall haze with no context for what it was. Still liked it!

A little disappointed that it didn't go up for me more, but also, I always have reservations that movies like this are pandering to folks like myself and that their charms will diminish quickly, but that didn't happen here! Knowing to expect Dasha did nothing to alter my take this time around!

That said, there's something that doesn't quite line up right (possibly intentional) insofar as I have gone through a strikingly similar experience but this doesn't hit nearly as hard as you would think with that in mind. Perhaps its because of how loud the performances go, or perhaps its because of the dreamy quality induced by SPW's cinematography and the wacky set design, or maybe it is because I still very much care about my ex. Probably a mix of all three - I love to indulge in bitterness, but I end up having my limits.

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