Vox Lux

Vox Lux ★★★

Giving this the reverse treatment to Let the Sunshine In where I may actually like this, but no one I know does, so I'm holding off for a bit (probably a rewatch in my near future).

A bit clumsy and, yea, vamping Portman is never ideal, but there are a couple ideas inherent to the conceit that I am fond of - the way in which celebrity and trauma are increasingly interlinked, the modern insistence on celebrities acting as political agents and the inevitable dissatisfaction that comes with this thinking, etc.

First 20 min I was like, this VO is great, reminds me a lot of Affliction, and then I was like, oh yea its Dafoe again lol.

(As it would so happen, the one person whose opinion aligns closest with my own on this is Armond White, a couple ideological differences of course, but I broadly lean towards his interpretation.)

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