Shirkers ★★

With the very practical take that Shirkers footage > Shirkers doc.

Just a bit apprehensive about the way in which this inadvertently reinforces an abuser's narrative while attempting to take him down. The intrigue of the story Sandi Tan wants to tell relies on maintaining the mystery surrounding her emotionally manipulative mentor. On the one hand its hard for me to denounce her as she has a right to tell this story as she pleases, but on the other, I can't help but feel as if this furthers this man's sociopathic project. I never once thought that this man was anything but a pathetic phony, the mythos he built around himself so juvenile and desperate. In this way I entirely empathize with Tan and the other young folks he took advantage of (and think its always worth casting a light on the non-sexual/physical ways in which abuse can be deployed), but I wish there was a point at which Tan pumped the breaks and refused this loser his mystique.

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