Milla ★★★★½

A movie that really actually hangs around and feels good to think about. Massadian never makes her characters justify or provide evidence for their motivations and emotions, we must accept their lives for what they are. We aren't afforded miserablism or tragedy either, nor moments of joy that are codified as traditionally cinematic. Poignancy found in mundanity as well as the act of living itself. Massadian locates a grandness in what could be ignorantly described as a "small life" - what act is bigger and more defiant than living for another? The universe that Severine Jonckeere and Luc Chessel (and eventually, their infant son) build together is surely insular - they'll never impact the larger world, they may never even effect their immediate town/community - but the intimacy of it is overwhelmingly beautiful. Forces the viewer to scrutinize why we determine particular stories and characters to be more worthy of cinematic depiction.

1/3 uses of "Add it Up" in 2018 film for the record.

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