Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Can You Ever Forgive Me? ★★★

There are so many interesting ways in which digital cinematography can be used, whether traditionally albeit w/o the worry of having limited, expensive stock, or in new avant garde ways that highlight the medium's strengths and deficiencies.

And yet, its often employed with disinterest, each shot reading as perfunctory - it does enough. That's a huge problem with Can You Ever Forgive Me? a film that really gave my attention span a workout. My viewing began as casual as I have never really liked McCarthy or Grant, but their performances here are quite excellent and brought me in. The script works really well too - I am always skeptical of BOATS movies, but the screenwriter here really understands the thematic potential of the story and writes the script in favor of that, as opposed to placing more of an emphasis on explicit fact. All said, I get brought back to my initial complaints, this is all too drab and workmanlike to engage me on a deep level. Credit where its due - few contemporary filmmakers manage to understand the strengths of their actors and story as well as Marielle Heller does here, but the formal elements are so neglected that one wonders why this had to be cinema.